Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An update before I head off to the land of dirty diapers and giggles, cooties and unrelenting viruses, where infinite patience is a requirement, stories involving dragons and firetrucks a necessity, and games of "I'm an airplane!-Teacher, make me fly!" keep arms sore and spirit lifted.

In two days, I head off to the get-the-scoop conference in the Twin Cities, where I finally get to meet my team! I am thrilled (and, as always, a little nervous) to get to know the folks I'll spend and share this life changing time with. These will be the folks who help storm East Asia with me-- and if they're as snazzy and kind as they come across on Facebook, then we'll be juuust fine. I'll also get the details of the mission: where we're going/staying, the cultural and spiritual climate, just how we're going to affect the country for Christ, what an average day looks like, and if I will have access to coffee on a daily basis, or if I should break that addiction Pre-EA. This weekend, I'll also be trained on how to share my faith in E.A. I'm intrigued by and interested in what changes we'll have to make in evangelism styles to best reach the people of a completely different culture-- I've only ever presented my Jesus in the way that makes sense to me, personally... even on the mission trip Brazil. But the culture one has grown up in shapes mindset and thought process, and one adapts to that -- if solely to avoid social exclusion. I'm ready to learn how to share Jesus in a way that will be applicable to the East Asian people. So ready.

In the last post, I mentioned that my Iowa residency application wasn't due until August. In an interesting turn of events, it's being reviewed... right this moment. Please pray that the committee will clearly see the difficult steps I've taken to strengthen my case for residency, and let me be--as my second cousin Rick says-- an Iowegian!

And support, you say? Why yes, support is coming along as support always does: in God's timing. I'm at about 25% right now, and a colossal, enormous, and resounding THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me so far! You guys are so faithful to let God use you to take a chance on me and the mission God has given me--you rock! =) One thing I'm struggling with during the support raising process, though, is confining God by numbers. It's my nature to calculate out daily averages of support I need to meet to reach my goal in time, project when I will meet my goal if the support keeps arriving at a steady rate, calculate the probability that I will actually pull this off... and that's the problem. I, I, I... me, me, me. The only "I" that I should be worrying about is the one in this concept: "I" serve the God who is not restricted by probability or worldly views of feasibility. He is going to make this happen according to His will, and none of this is in my control. Not even close. Over the past year, God has taken the time to patiently teach this thick-headed and slow-learning pupil that He will always provide for me, even (especially!) when it seems hopeless. He will ALWAYS give me what I need to serve Him, and that is all that matters. I would ask you to pray, too, that this mindset would penetrate all my doubts and fears, and I'll be able to laugh at the lies of insecurity that are trying to grip me.

Oops, the work world calls... and it sounds a lot like two and three year olds singing "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed..."

Much love!

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  1. As always, you are spot on, babe. God is faithful and gracious even when we are not. He has been faithful to grow you up to serve Him and will see you through this moment in time. God is good... everyday...God is Good! Love you!