Saturday, May 22, 2010

The First Act Finale...

Phew! It's here... in four hours, I will be leaving my house to head for the airplane that will take me to Minneapolis... and then to Chicago... and then to City "BJ" in Country, and then to final City "YC," where I'll be spending the next six weeks of my life. And, naturally, I'm still packing.

My mind is running the race against sleep deprivation and stress, and right now it's falling behind. To be honest, the last day or so has found me doubting, stressed and unsure. I feel so unprepared... but somewhere I know that it's not me who needs to be prepared. If I wasn't ready and equipped to do everything God wanted me to do in East Asia, I wouldn't be going. It's as simple as that. And maybe tomorrow they won't let me on the plane to Minneapolis- where the team is meeting- or perhaps (sketchy as I am), I won't make it through security when we finally get into the country, and they'll send me back home... and I'll know that I wasn't ready. But if I get there, then right there will be where I'm supposed to be.

I have faith that God wants me in East Asia right now, and that he will take me in all my insignificance and ineptness and use me for His plan. Please keep praying for courage for me and the team, and that we will build each other up as we experience discouragement and doubt.

I won't have internet in East Asia, so I won't be able to keep up this blog while I'm there. However, my lovely sister Erin offered to update the Facebook group "Aimee's East Asia Adventure!" whenever I call my folks to give them an update. Here's the FB group...!/group.php?gid=110716855607717&ref=ts

So there you have it. I'm typing from the bed I desperately want to crawl into and pass out, with clothes and travel snacks strewn about my bedroom waiting to be given their honorary spot in my carry-on luggage, and hoping against hope that my check bag weighs less than 50 pounds. Sleep will have to wait.

Thank you guys so much for your encouragement and support... it means so much to me. Please keep praying for me and the team: for safe and smooth travel, for quick acclimation to food/culture/time zone, for energy and boldness, and most, MOST MOST importantly, that we would be filled with the Holy Spirit as we witness to the Asian people, and that the Spirit would have prepared their hearts, too. I love you guys, and I can't wait to tell you all about the trip when I get back... because you're as much a part of this adventure as I am.

Signing off for a few fortnights,

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